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Whenever we make a purchase, we consider the "value" we receive. It's no different when hiring a professional photographer. Unfortunately, not many people readily understand the value of hiring a professional photographer. Below we provide some insight into the value a professional photographer brings.


Interest in You

Liz & Joe spend time getting to know their subjects, their preferences, needs and special requests. Liz & Joe bring the knowledge, experience and capability to capture and craft images in a manner and style you prefer. Whether traditional or photojournalistic.


Artistic Vision

Liz & Joe bring an artistic eye to the equation. One focused not only on the subject but also the background, the lighting, the composition, the depth of field and a host of other elements that not every one can "see" when crafting an image. Artistic vision and the ability to "see" the image helps craft memorable images vs. snapshots.


High End Equipment

Liz & Joe use the latest digital SLR equipment and most importantly they know how to use it. Today's professional equipment has multiple and complex functions that allow a photographer to manipulate focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field to compliment almost any subject. It also allows the capture of crisp and sharp photographs in low light, with little or no image degradation.


Understanding of Lighting

Liz & Joe understand and know how to capture natural looking images in any kind of light. Whether in the studio, outdoors or low light situations, Liz & Joe know how to add the right amount of direct, bounced or supplemental lighting to fill a scene, compliment the subject and maintain a natural looking image. Liz & Joe won't fall prey to "red eye", blurred or severely under or over exposed images.


Post Processing Software

Liz & Joe utilize high end post processing software that allows them to effectively correct color, adjust exposure, manipulate hue, saturation, lens distortion and edit images for a professional look.


Custom Printing

Liz & Joe focus on capturing high quality images and the objective thereafter is to preserve these images with high quality printing. Liz & Joe bypass the low cost volume "snapshot" printing and print 99.9% of their prints in their studio. Very little printing is ever sent out. However if they do send something out, it only goes the the finest professional lab in the country.


Photography with Liz & Joe Schmidt brings value in other ways too. These are just a few examples. While it does cost  more (and sometimes it does not cost more) vs. a friend or relative with a digital camera, Liz & Joe bring far grater value and quality to the end product. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for". Investing with Liz & Joe will bring you custom crafted images you'll be proud to display and share for years to come.